About Me

Hey there, gorgeous. I’m Patty Woods, your luxury business operations architect and OBM to the internet-famous

Every day I choose to hang at my desk, I help 6- and 7-figure solopreneur coaches and creatives craft bang-on backend business ops solutions. 

Not the “holy-Mount-Everest-how-do-I-work-THAT” kind either…

Simple ones, custom crafted to suit their shiny object-seeking, organization-phobic, tech-terrified brains.  

This is exactly how they learn to go from overwhelmed, perfection-loving, people-pleasing burnout to a prosperous, pleasure-filled, mission-delivering boss.  

Their way on their terms!

Because Entrepreneurs are Straight Up Wired Differently… and They Want What They Want, When, and How They Want It!

Which is why I created Lux UX VIP…

With an Okham’s razor style approach to create a simple, luxury, entrepreneurial machine that drives like a Maserati and feels like a chauffeured ride in a Rolls Royce. Where both you and your clients feel like true VIPs.

Because when I first started “entrepreneuring,” I got the distinct feeling that all those gooooo-rooooos who hyped me up on how to easily generate 7-figures in just a few hours a week ran their own online empire in an entirely different way than I did mine.

Ask me how I know they don’t practice what they preach.

*Clears throat* 

Let’s just say managing their backends was a little like cat herding…

And, I see waaaaay too many coaches, creatives, and freelancers who want to “stay small” (fly solo or lead a lean team) struggle with juggling all the how-tos so they can earn big without grinding their lives away.

Or succumbing to their EADHD like tendencies (more on that in a sec).

So I created my Simple Luxuries business management method for lean teams to finally get ahead without losing their heads. 

Simple Luxuries shows entrepreneurs, even those without 6-figure bank accounts, how to ixnay the busy work and finally get that peaceful, easy feeling from their business…

Without needing to micromanage whoever’s taking care of all those delegated tasks. Or ending up on the Shiny Object Express trying to figure out how to do “all the things” themselves.

Consider it your “do what you love and delegate what you hate” bible for actually owning and loving the business you created. One that gives you all the tingly feels.


It’s short for entrepreneurial ADHD.

A term I coined to describe the million-idea-a-minute minds of successful business owners who impulsively attempt to construct every new “solution” they dream up.

As in right now – team or no team! No matter how many projects they’re buried under. 

Not knowing how steep the learning curve is to breathe life into the gorgeous “Weird Science” babe they want to create…

The fail first, fail fast, learn faster, get back at it way of being that’s baked into every successful entrepreneur’s DNA I know. Along with something else…

Many more than you may realize are also neurodivergent. Myself included.

Hold up…

What does an ADHD 6-figure solo-ish-preneur know about building strategic business back end systems?

Isn’t that an oxymoron?

Don’t all the time blind, impulsive, shinies inside my dopa-seeking brain distract me from designing a luxurious, high-level system that makes you (and your clients) feel all those tinglies inside?

[Record SCRATCH]!!!


Not now, not ever. Here’s why…

My ADHD Quick-ish Take On Life Online

I always knew my brain was just a bit different. 

What “right-minded” 9-year-old girl would be so engaged in reading a book that her mom’s loving “dinner’s ready,” tap on the shoulder would summon the stare of death by a thousand needles?

That’d be me. 

That hyper-focus on something I’m completely obsessed with?

It’s what made me the girl most likely to be chosen to be captain on sports teams, leader of kick the can adventures on the block, and problem solver for “X” at the blackboard. 

Because I’d jump in fast and focus faster, since feeling fearless in the face of crunch time performance made my brain all sorts of happy. 

No time to overthink it? Yes please!

And you know the funny thing about that? It kinda set the tone for my life’s adventures (and impulsive redirects) in the workplace.

A thing or two I did before the thing or two I do now…

First up outta college, Perfusion Tech was my title – which effectively taught me to embrace my precision-driven nature and to use hyperfocus in big chunks of time dedicated to keeping people, welp, alive. And after a bit I realized it wasn’t a write my own paycheck worthy gig. So I zigged to…

High-ticket sales, consultancy style – where I learned that people with money to invest just wanted someone to listen/hear/solve their problem as efficiently as possible. Being in tune with the “pain” under the problem helped me serve up those solutions very well indeed. But then, real estate and the financial markets imploded, so commissioned earnings took a back seat to…

Office Management, the wage-earner way – and designing the simplest + best ways of doing all the sh*t that needed to get done on the daily was my jam. Which was cool to me because my muscle for serving the trifecta (clients, coworkers, bosses) grew to She Hulk-like proportions. Until those corporate rules made my brain feel like Jen Walters’ lawyering clothes right before she transforms into the green goddess. 

And making a living working online had gained serious momentum. The Wild West of autonomy meets creativity in a workplace? Ummmm, sign me up now! 

So I zagged for good.

Merging business management, consulting, and high-ticket sales and serving up all things business operations related for talented, fast-brained, big idea people who jumped in “backend” blind.

What was most fascinating for my brain was the strategic piece of business operations. 

And the way so many “successful” businesses were failing miserably at it.

Businesses with happy customers and “quietly quitting” employees serving them. Or, ones that sold absolutely everything they put their names behind, but couldn’t pay their overhead.

But by far, the most heartbreaking was seeing businesses which got too big too fast and burnt the hell out once they hit that wall. Because keeping the “trifecta” happy is no small task when you’ve got an over-filled platter in front of you.

Burnout got me too. 

Too much fulfillment, too many services, and not enough “delegation” to deliver it all. So I created my “it’s quicker for me to do it than teach it to someone and hand off” Fortress of Solitude. Where I was chained. 

Frustrated. Stressed. Joyless. And eventually, morbidly obese. Which led me to my big “with great power comes great responsibility” moment. 

What if instead of trying to be “all things to all people,” the entrepreneurs behind the brands their clients came to know and love just got be…Great?

But, only at what they’re great at. In other words…

Why did they have a backend in place that was 3 sizes too big? When instead they could have something that delivers a better operational experience for a lean team or a solo flyer. 

A backend that also offers up a luxurious “cared for” gold carpet experience to their clients. And allows the Chief Everything Officer to lead a healthy life outside their business.   

It’s what I was desperately seeking myself - systems, not Susan LOL

That’s when I set my ADHD, puzzle-loving, problem-solving brain loose to go down any rabbit hole it wanted in search of its dopamine fix.

Any idea to solve for “boss of everything” problems my online colleagues and I were crushed under was on the table. Think it can’t be done? Let me at it. It’s how I roll. 

And it lights me up to take something complex and break it down into easy-to-wrap-your-brain-around-sized pieces. It’s what I do for people who love their business but hate managing it.

So, if “backend blindness,” perfectionism, people pleasing, overthinking, no-time-to-delegate-itis or “I don’t know how to”  procrasti-numbness trip you up, and you’re tired of that busywork hole sucking your body dry…

Let’s strap on your jetpack, fly you outta that pit of despair, and thrust you right into your genius-y greatness zone instead.


Let's Fix That:

Pick the right yellow brick path for your current sitch below (no scared little man hiding behind this curtain - just me playing in my genius-y zone).

On-Call OBM

A 1:1 Laser Coaching Jaunt That Solves For:

perfectionism + overthinking + riding on the Shiny Object Express

HAir on fire

A DWY Solution Session That Solves For:

“I don’t know how to do this” procrasti-numbness + no-time-to-delegate-itis


A Virtual VIP Experience That Solves For:

holy-Mount-Everest-how-do-I-work-THAT problems + quiet quitting + CEO burnout + less than stellar UX


A Specific Rapid Fire DFY That Allows You To:

delegate what you hate to work only in your genius-y zone + bypass time blindness