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Get The Tools You Need To Take Your Neurodivergent Solopreneurship From 'F*CK THIS!' To 'F*CK YES!'

Ops Detective + Systems Scientist crafted micro-courses, tiny tools, and mini makeovers ND-preneurs swear by to ‘handle’ their daily biz duties (even if ✨ things are waaaay more their speed than rules 🙄)

Some Special Sauce For You To Sample

When you wanna leap tall buildings in the backend of your biz, like, yesterday, these are some of my best ND-preneur inspired ways to fly right over or through ‘em…

A 3 X 3 Look Inside Me

New to my online rodeo? Welcome!

And, just so you know, I’m Patty Woods, an online entrepreneurial veteran with 16 years of action, just one year into my official AuDHD diagnosis.

Which means?

Glad you asked. It means I’m huge into pattern spotting and super simplification to make things, well, beautifully basic.


Managing a biz as a solo-ish ND with compromised executive functions is already hard enough.

So, like you, when I dive into the daily ops sh*t, it has to be in a way that just works reliably without wasting all my mental energy to get ‘the necessaries’ done.

Stick around for the ride and here’s what you’ll find:

Peek your curiosity? Dive a little deeper into my who, what, and why story here.

Whether you’re a ‘gotta know-er’ or a ‘gotta do-er’ before you’re ready to delegate, ditch, or dump those daily ops to-dos, here’s some tools to get your hands dirty with.

And Finally, For The Automation-Averse But Tech-Curious

I know, you’d rather wash each individual strand of your dog’s furry bod than consider what tech you need, let alone learn how to put it to its highest and best use.

There’s just so many damn choices, overlap, and all-around promotional noise when it comes to automation tools for your online biz, indecision is a tech-phobic ND’s default.  

If that’s you, and you suspect your tool chest needs some new additions or a good cleaning, peep the shortlist of tools I use to run my own business below.

Yes, some of them are affiliate links, which means, if you decide to try something out, I will get a few doll-hairs sent my way for introducing you to said product.

Know this. I’ve been inside just about every tool to handle everything from basic to advanced backend and frontend ops infrastructures and automations for my clients and in my own business too.

Tools on this list made the cut on my final roster (and to recommend to you) because they’re for anyone, tech savvy or not. And, they fulfill on the operations, client, and relationship building experiences I’m all about crafting. 

OX Basics

Google Workspace

all the business admin and storage you need


project management that’s shape-shiftable for any brain


link tools that don’t natively talk to each other that you want to

Chat GPT

to automate admin tasks or specific to you workflows + research

CX Basics


meet with people, provide 1:1 services, discovery calls


email autoresponder and form builder to build a subscriber list


all-in-one solution for 1:1 services with scheduler and automation tools


sell your evergreen stuff and host your courses too

RX Basics


website platform to promo your offers and your content


suite for non-designers to create visual assets


upgrade to the AI version and have SOPs when you record OTS videos


keep in touch with client teams or freelancers you tap for help