This Backend Biz Bud’s Got Your Fire Extinguisher Right Here


A DWY jam session to work from “you break” to “we fix” faster because you needed it yesterday, want to do it right, and aren’t ready to outsource it to a pro yet..

“When I said to a business friend, ‘I need a tech genius’, Patty was the first person they recommended. I talked to her and it was like a no-brainer.

In addition to actually taking care of the things that I desperately needed taken care of, she educated me in the process. So I feel like a little less of a tech dummy. She never just did it. She always kind of brought me through the process with her.”
Leadership Coach

Dude, My Sh*t’s Broke and I Need Some Help To Fix It Right Meowwww!

Managing your business pieces and parts got you feeling that way too?

Things that suck you down the rabbit hole, where you’re timeblind as hell, trying to figure ish out all on your own.

Stuff that zaps your energy and makes you wonder why the hell you got into this whole entrepreneurial gig in the first place…

Just Think If You Had an Ops Genie on Speed Dial to Get Your Things to Work Right, Right Now…

Someone who could stare down that big, scary, nasty thing with you and send it scurrying back to its dark hole so it leaves you the hell alone.

A backend biz ops buddy when you need it most so you can:

You ready?

Grab That Magic Lamp, Rub a Dub Dub, and Kick That “I-Dunno-How-Itis” to the Curb, Because You’ve Never Had an Ops Friend Like Me…


Hair On Fire Solution Sessions

A DWY gig with an ops genie to stop you from drowning in your backend BS and get you to “fixed” faster on a beer budget

Your investment – $1,500

How This Works:

Sure, your current situation may seem a little hopeless, but it doesn’t need to feel helpless.

Because, you’re a successful, smart, and surely sassy boss who knows how to deliver your goods. It’s just, right now, your backend is having a “terrible twos” moment.

Here’s the fix:

The Goods:

And, because I’d never let you leave the call feeling empty handed, here’s your takeaways:

When We’re Done, Expect to Walk Away Knowing…

“One of the things I love about working with Patty is that she understands online business from a high level down to the small tactical level. And when there’s a project I need done, I can count on her to deliver exactly what I need without having to micromanage and get down in the weeds. I know that whatever she delivers, she delivers on time with high quality, and it goes beyond expectations.”
Business Strategist

Why’d I Become a “Firefighter” You Ask?

Here’s the short version…

I’m Patty Woods, your luxury business operations architect and OBM to the internet-famous.

Every day I choose to hang at my desk, I help 6- and 7-figure solopreneur coaches and creatives craft bang-on backend business ops solutions. 

Not the “holy-Mount-Everest-how-do-I-work-THAT” kind either…

Simple ones, custom crafted to suit their shiny object-seeking, organization-phobic, tech-terrified brains.  

Which is exactly how they learn to go from overwhelmed, perfection-loving, people-pleasing burnout to a prosperous, pleasure-filled, mission-delivering boss.  

Their way on their terms!

That’s how I wanted to run my own biz too. I mean, autonomy looked like nobody telling me how to think, what to do, or how to grow my business. I could just do whatever I felt like and everything would fall into place, right? Because problem solving was my jam.

‘Cept for when it came to my own problems that is. Ever notice what you’re grade “A” at doing for everyone else takes a back seat when it comes to doing it for yourself? 


In the beginning, it worked pretty damn good. Filling “problem” gaps with my services as the solution. Until my brain got clogged with “too much” I could do pretty well. And ultimately blocked me from honing my zone of operations genius that was my favorite play place.

But it all changed when burnout bit me good. Frustrated. Stressed. Joyless. And eventually, morbidly obese. Which led me to my big “with great power comes great responsibility” moment. 

What if instead of trying to be “all things to all people,” I just got to be…Great? 

But, only at what I’m great at. In other words…

Figure the f*ck out what I needed to do to make running my own 6-figure business as painless and effortless as I did for others. 

So that I could get clear on what I could realistically offer other kickass solo business owners who needed a hand up.

And they could work in their genius zone they love instead of tending to the business backend stuff they hate at least at an 80/20 rate. 

That way, when they run into a backend issue poised to knock them on their *ss, they get to push the hell back instead.

All without needing a second mortgage to pay for it. 

I’m happy to report, that’s exactly what I did. I dropped Fiverr-able stuff from my to-do list. 

Got clear on “all the things” necessary to operate, market, and grow my business so I actually loved doing it – with a wink and nod from backends I built that made my systems-phobic clients giddy as all get out. 

Outsourced totally important admin task-based sh*t I hated doing that didn’t move big revenue (or happiness) levers for me. 

Then I pulled the “clean-slate protocol” when retainer contracts came up for renewal…If a client didn’t fit my “only ops” direction, we shifted into “pay as you need me” mode. 

Which paved the way for my Hair on Fire Solution Sessions. Because “keep both hands on the wheel, I want to know how to make this work best so I don’t burn the hell out” entrepreneurs on a budget need expert help too. Just not with everything all at once. 

A one-fire-at-a-time pace keeps you moving forward without bankrupting you     

If That Sounds Like Your Kind of Jam, I’m Here for It.
Let’s Get at It!

So, You’ve Got Q’s for Me First? Here’s My A’s…

I didn’t wanna bore you with too much detail, but I’m so glad you asked. Here’s a very short list of common problems we solve for:

  • In their Autoresponders
    • Merging/importing contacts
    • Unf*cking an automation gone awry
  • In their Client Onboarding
    • Getting from proposal to contract to invoice automagically
    • Setting up automatic billing
  • In their List Building
    • Creating and delivering their lead magnet
    • Nurturing new contacts 
  • In their Promotions 
    • Creating checkout pages and granting access after the sale
    • Hosting a course or product online
  • In their Digital Backend 
    • Organizing digital assets
    • Connecting tech tools together to automate tasks
  • In their Daily Ops
    • Defining the OKR’s and KPI’s of their best next hire role
    • Project plan review for marketing and revenue goal setting


Not on the list? Just ask – most likely I’ve seen/conquered it before.

Remember I said before I’d take it easy on you? Well I meant it.

Part of the reason you could be scared is a) you don’t know what you want the tech to ultimately do for you and b) you don’t know which tools play well in the sandbox together. And, I’ve got you covered with my “drill down” Q&A to start our session.

Almost every piece of technology you need to operate your business was designed with “ease” in mind. 

So long as you don’t get caught up in asking “Why?” about the underlying programming logic, completing the steps to make the tech function how you want isn’t too terrible.

Besides, I’ll be right there with you showing you how and then observing you doing it to make sure you “get it”.

As long as you…

  • Fill out your questionnaire 
  • Show up at your computer for our session
  • Embrace a “one piece at a time” attitude towards that elephant  

We will get ‘er done. Biz backend body-doubling goes a long way in spiking your motivation. Especially when you’re so ready to solve the problem stressing you the f*ck out that you’re paying me to tap in with you. Just sayin’ 😉

Never fear, grasshopper. It’s kinda my Sixth Sense sniffing out the issues that got you reaching for tissues.

Your gut’s telling you something’s wrong, and it stinks. Tap me in because my gut’s unplugged from the Matrix and knows how to escape the Sentinels.

Oh my dah-ling, but of course! 

If your budget can bear it but your brain just can’t, tap on over here to check out my Concierge Collection to see what I can do for you instead.

Let me have it – over in my inbox, m’kay? Zap it over to hey@luxuxme.com for an A you can’t refuse. (Or did I mean refute?)

Just one last question for you if your backend’s in hot water…

Is it worth your time to try to guesstimate the best solution yourself? 

Or, would you rather…

Jump straight to getting it done together so you can hyperfocus on the fix once, then get back to showing up and serving instead?