This System Surgeon’s Got a Nip & Tuck Ready to Fix It


A day-long virtual audit to action sesh known to “glitterize” your UX systems from back to front

“So really, really, really, I cannot recommend working with Patty highly enough. She's a wonderful person. She's so funny. She operates from such a wonderful place of, as one of my clients would put it, ‘radical care,’ and she's just a pure delight. She understands how to fix situations that are driving so many entrepreneurs bananas right now.

So honored to be working with her. So thrilled to know her. You get a chance to work with Patty, do it!”
Brand Strategist + Positioning Coach

You’re in Love with What You Do, Just Not Necessarily How it Gets Done…

From your mouth to my ears. At least, that’s how most 6-figure fabul-ites I know and love online tell it.

Stop me if any of this sounds familiar…

When What You Really Want is to Own an Online Mecca that Juices Your Joy + Freedom + Prosperity Receptors

Just imagine if your system synapses fired off so that:

Totally get it. You’re busy. Team’s busy. Selling and serving up your secret sauce with panache.

Whose Got Time To Tackle Those Stinky Ops “Inconveniences” Let Alone Sniff ‘Em Out?

Think a Huff Test From a Luxury UX Architect Might Help to Squash That Stench?



A one-day virtual VIP session to spiff up your systems and add some swag to your UX bag 

Your investment – $6,000

PIF or 2-pay plan available

How This Works:

Sure, you’ve got a good thing going. But, is “good” really good enough when you’re all about the “great”? 

Because, when service is your love language, and it’s less than impeccable, you feel a little less than great signing your name on the delivery ticket.

Overdeliver is your one-word business mantra. Your systems just didn’t get the memo. 

Here’s the fix:


90-minute Backend SWOT analysis, where I’ll review the UX of operating your business including:

Followed by break 1,  60-minute for lunch and time for me to work on your backend action plan


90-minute Frontend SWOT analysis, where I’ll review the UX of a fan or client inside your ecosystem including:

Followed by break 2, 60-minute timeframe for me to work on your frontend action plan and gather recommended SOPs and project management templates


60-minute Audit to Action Bible outline presentation with Q&A time, where we’ll chat about:

Followed by two additional weekdays of Voxer support

The Goods:

And, because I wanna deliver all the white glove love your biz needs, here’s your keepsies when we’re done:

Once We Wrap, Expect to Sashay Away Confident That…

“If you're considering working with Patty Woods, I've got some advice for you…Do it. She is an amazing resource for any entrepreneur or business owner who is looking to grow their business without getting mired down in the complexities.”
Business Strategist

Why’d I Start Doing Ops Nip & Tucks You Ask?

Here’s the short version…

I’m Patty Woods, your luxury business operations architect and OBM to the internet-famous.

Every day I choose to hang at my desk, I help 6- and 7-figure solopreneur coaches and creatives craft bang-on business ops solutions that make their present day selves proud.

Not the “holy-Mount-Everest-how-do-I-make-THAT-work” kind either…

Simple ones, custom crafted to suit their shiny object-seeking, organization-phobic, big brains filled with even bigger dreams.

Which is exactly how they learn to go from overwhelmed, perfection-loving, people-pleasing burnout to a prosperous, pleasure-filled, mission-delivering boss.

Their way on their terms!

That’s how I wanted to run my own biz too. I mean, I could just do whatever I felt like and everything would fall into place, right? Because problem solving was my jam.

‘Cept for when it came to my own problems. Ever notice what you’re grade “A” at doing for everyone else takes a back seat when it comes to doing it for yourself?


In the beginning it worked pretty damn good. Filling “problem” gaps with my services. Until my brain got clogged with “too much” I could do pretty well. And blocking me from my favorite play place, strategic operations.

But that all changed when burnout bit me hard. Frustrated. Stressed. Joyless. And eventually, morbidly obese. Which led me to my big “with great power comes great responsibility” moment.

What if instead of trying to be “all things to all people,” I just got to be…Great? But, only at what I’m great at. In other words…

Figure the f*ck out what I needed to do to make owning my 6-figure business as painless and effortless as I did for others.

To get clear on what I could realistically offer other kickass solo business owners and lean teams who needed a hand up. And, they could then work in the genius zones they love, showing up and serving in a way that just felt natural.

No costly “act the part” or “fake it to make it” steps required. Just pure, unadulterated, unapologetic, ripple makers doing what they do best.

I’m happy to report, that’s exactly what I did.

I figured out “all the things” necessary to operate, market, and grow my business so I actually loved doing it – with a wink and nod from ops strategies I designed to turn my once burned out, overwhelmed, systems-phobic clients into freakishly gleeful zone of genius flag-pole sitters.

Then I pulled the “clean-slate protocol” when contracts came up for renewal and promoted my business to retainer status numero uno.

Which paved the way for my Ops Optimized VIP days. Because if this “everyone else’s problems are more important to solve than my own” addict could shift her backburner business into the clear frontrunner, that was a solution worth sharing.

Buh-bye burnout. Hello, happy to help you once my cup is full, buttercup.

So if you get your kicks from delivering your clients great big transformations, but you know you need one too if you’re gonna keep showing up to dish ‘em out…

Let’s strategize what needs to happen for your business to actually serve you and not the other way around.

If that sounds like your kind of cocktail, I’m here to sling it!

So, You’ve Got Q’s for Me First? Here’s My A’s…

I’m so glad you asked. Here’s a short list of common problem areas my VIPs and I chat about:

  • Data discussions
    • Collecting data but not sure how to best analyze it 
    • Not extrapolating “next steps” based on data available 
  • Tech wrecks
    • Fixing connections that break or misfire 
    • Tools that aren’t performing the task they’re supposed to
  • Workflow woes
    • Non-existent or inefficient processes that need some love
    • Missing out on automation for lower risk tasks 
  • Perfect person proposition 
    • Right person/right seat to best support you chats
    • Defining the OKRs and KPIs of the best next hire 
  • Funnel flops 
    • Plugging acquisition funnel leaks
    • Nurture segmenting for different problem/solution awareness levels 
  • Pivot projects
    • Prepping assets and offers for the transition
    • Installing a comprehensive project management plan for the switch
  • Big *ss biz goal planning
    • Project plan review for marketing and revenue goal setting
    • Pricing, fulfillment, and generating new business discussions
  • Restoring digital order 
    • Streamlining digital naming, filing, and storage of brand assets
    • Designing an easy to use digital ops guide for all your processes


Not seeing your concern on the list? Hit me with it…

If it’s something that keeps you from loving the way your business operates or the way your people feel when they find you, it’s on the table.

That all depends on you…

Are you a lone wolf because you don’t play well in the sandbox with others? 

Or, are you over here like, “Damn, I could really use some tweaks to get me to my next peaks, and I’m not sure how to make that happen”?

If you’re the type 2 variety, I can absolutely work you out of your own way with the “next level” systems that make sense for you to consider.

I mean, you are all the way down here reading. So, I’m guessing there may be some system strategy gaps on your roster.

Which is cool because if you’re out there working in your zone of genius, and your team players all get to swing from theirs, I can bat clean-up in the ops strategy department for you…

And you don’t even need to add me to your clubhouse full-time to do it. If you can, why not leverage an ops expert when you need one without the long-term impact on your budget?    

Never fear, grasshopper. It’s kinda my Sixth Sense sniffing out the ops issues that got you reaching for tissues.

It may be in the backend, or the frontend, or both. Because your operations are codependent. 

Your gut’s telling you something’s wrong with your UX, and it stinks. Tap me in because my gut’s unplugged from the Matrix and knows how to escape the Sentinels.

Oh my dah-ling, but of course! 

Take a gander over here to see system specific fixes in my Concierge Collection. Then, lemme work through my blueprint with your fave teammate so they can get it handled ASAP. 

I’m down to show, then have them do in real time to bypass that learning curve. Nothing beats a fast finish baby! 

Let me have it – over in my inbox, m’kay? Zap it over to hey@luxuxme.com for an A you can’t refuse. (Or did I mean refute?)

Just One Last Question if Your Business Doesn’t Deliver You or Your Clients that Rosy Glow…

Is it worth it to lose tuned-in teammates and heart-throb clients over a no-time-to-fix-it, lackluster user experience? Or, would you rather…

Hyperfocus for one day to fix the funk and give them (and you) the white glove love they deserve?