Grab My Magnifying Glass to Peep it How I See it


A back pocket ops detective to help you solve those blatantly bleak backend “things that make you go hmmm” moments in real time

“Patty understands how to fix situations that are driving so many entrepreneurs bananas right now.
So honored to be working with her. So thrilled to know her. You get a chance to work with Patty, do it!”
Brand Strategist + Positioning Coach

That Day You Realized The Biz You Bootstrapped is Both Beast AND Burden…

Okay, my 6-figure sassypants partner in crime. Lemme know if this sounds a little like what’s going down behind the scenes in your business right now. 

And What You Really Want is a Small Solo-ish Biz that Delivers Big in the Results Getting + Profit Driving + Freedom Granting Departments

A place waaaaay less distracting, where you get to “own” more and “operate” less. Imagine how it would feel instead if:

Ummm, wait. Did you just say I could have a life away from my desk and I’d still have a desk to come back to tomorrow? And, one that feels more corner office-like too? 

Uhhh, ye-aaaaaah! And you won’t need to spend those few precious moments you stole away from working “in” your business to solve what right now seems like a “cold case file” either.

Get the clues you need to reset the breaker on your system short circuit direct from the 6-figure entrepreneur Ops Specialist, all without breaking your bank.



A 3-month 1:1 laser coaching experience where my magnifying glass meets your Mystery Machine to expose your biz management monsters for the imposters they are

Your investment - $1,500

PIF, 2, or 3-pay plan available

How This Works:

You built this biz of yours with a big lean towards freedom. But what’s haunting you is this feeling of “hustle” you can’t shake.

Juggling the trifecta that makes your business flush feels that way…Find, sell, serve. Find, sell, serve. Hamster wheels are exhausting.

Problem is, there’s a fourth spoke in that success wheel most big-idea-with-even-bigger-goal-getting brains don’t consider.  

The “how do I manage this beauty before she turns into an unruly beast” moment once people discover the gorgeousness you created with all those long hour, late night, fail forward moments. 

But, you’re not quite ready for a long-term commitment to something if you’re not sure it can help you “mold” your business into the heart-throb of a perfect mate you’d definitely swipe right on every damn day.

Here’s the switch to shift your “perfect business” from daydream to dream date:

Ummm, wait. Did you just say I could have a life away from my desk and I’d still have a desk to come back to tomorrow? And, one that feels more corner office-like too? 

Your Fancy On-Call Ops Deliverables:

Yep, peace of mind is a bit intangible, but here’s some “goodies” you can put your hands (or eyes) on…
“Patty is the best in the business and is worth every penny. She is and always will be a big part of what built the Evergreen Profits brand.”
Marketing Strategist

More About Those Sexy Pay In Full Bonus Options…

I’ll let you decide which bachelor/ette appeals to you most. Either way, the real world value of one of these hotties you get to date is $1,500.

But the peace of mind they deliver? That’s more like a Mastercard-sized “Priceless” moment.

90-minute Hair on Fire Solution Session

When the 5-alarm fire in your backend keeps you in ops purgatory long enough to make hell seem like the better option. This DWY jam helps us solve your most pressing problem fast when you use it for things like:

60-minute Launch Lifeline

For those times when your promo or launch encounters “Houston, we have a problem” moments. When you choose this option you can:

Why’d I Start Lending Out My Spyglass You Ask?

Here’s the short version…

I’m Patty Woods, your luxury business operations architect and OBM to the internet-famous

Every day I help 6- and 7-figure solopreneur coaches and creatives craft bang-on business ops solutions. 

Simple ones, custom crafted to suit their shiny object-seeking, organization-phobic, million-idea-a-minute brains.  

Which is exactly how they learn to go from overwhelmed, perfection-loving, people-pleasing burnout to a prosperous, pleasure-filled, mission-delivering boss.  

That’s how I wanted to show up in my biz too. I mean, I could just do whatever I felt like and everything would fall into place, right? Because problem solving was my jam.

‘Cept for when it came to my own problems. Ever notice what you’re grade “A” at doing for everyone else takes a back seat when it comes to doing it for yourself? 

In the beginning it worked pretty damn good. Filling “problem” gaps with my services. Until my brain got clogged with “too much” I could do pretty well. And blocked me from my favorite play place, strategic operations.

But that all changed when burnout bit me hard. Frustrated. Stressed. Joyless. And eventually, morbidly obese. Which led me to my big “WTFRUD” moment. 

What if instead of trying to be “all things to all people,” I just got to be…Great? But, only at what I’m great at. In other words…

Figure the f*ck out what I needed to do to make owning my 6-figure solo-ish business as painless and effortless as I did for others. 

To get clear on what I could realistically offer other kickass solo business owners on a budget who needed a hand up. And, they could then work in the genius zones they love, showing up and serving in a way that just felt natural. Pure, unadulterated, unapologetic, ripple makers doing what they do best. 

I’m happy to report, that’s exactly what I did. 

I figured out “all the things” necessary to operate, market, and grow my business so I actually loved doing it – with a wink and nod from ops strategies I designed to turn my once burned out, overwhelmed, systems-phobic clients into freakishly gleeful zone of genius flag-pole sitters.

Then I pulled the “clean-slate protocol” when contracts came up for renewal and promoted my business to retainer status numero uno. 

Which cleared the path for my 1:1 coaching experience, On-Call OBM. I finally understood what allowed me to manage my business in a way that best fit my “you can’t make me” flip-authority-the-bird feisty alter. 

Because busting the one-size-fits-most myth of “how to succeed in online business” is a helluva way to make great friends and influence a lot of good people. And, it’s how I get to make way bigger ripples than through one-off services.

So if you’d rather stream live video on a dial-up modem than spend another second figuring out how to enchant your ops so that your business loves you back… 

Let’s Be Biz Besties and Blast Through Your Backend Burnout Without Busting Your Budget.

So, You’ve Got Q’s for Me First? Here’s My A’s…

If it’s good for you, I’ll treat this as a two-parter.

First, some of the most common “Help, what do I do?” discussions…

  • Autoresponder acting like a spoiled brat doing what it wants instead of what you think you set it up to do
  • Client Onboarding feeling like a complete cluster f*ck,  like you’ve got a bajillion steps for your prospects to take to work with you and that sh*t needs to stop 
  • What the hell makes sense to create for a lead magnet and how the hell to move people through your funnel with love 
  • What tech tool(s) to invest in to do a new thing (or to make a thing you already do more efficient) 
  • How to work the tech things to do your new thing (or automate your inefficient things)
  • WTF is up with my open rates and how do I get more people to see and read my emails?
  • What’s a good roadmap to accomplish a specific goal or big task? 
  • Who the heck do I need to hire next to do (insert your task-y thing here), and where do I find someone great? That I can afford? Who doesn’t need micromanaging?


And so much more…If it has to do with making your business hum, it’s on the table. If it’s out of my “jurisdiction”, I’ll point you to a better “detective” to help you solve it. Fair enough?

And, now for part two. Yes, it does work, because Voxer is just the dedicated “channel” to get my focused attention on your problem.

In bite-sized pieces. In the moment. When you’ve got ‘em. So, it’s as easy as leaving me a “voicemail” (which I may even be listening to in real time). 

My responses can be all sorts of things depending on what we’re solving for. Could be a simple voice reply. Other times I might send you a screen share video. You might even need a template for project management which I’ll link you to. 

It’s why solo-ish-preneurs love it. Access to the exact help you need when you need it without committing to a bunch of Zoom calls on your calendar or locking up funds in a super-sized OBM retainer.

It won’t, at least not fully.

But, what it can do is help you uncover your time-sucking “blind spots” so you get an assist with those sorts of things.

I mean, efficiency is a big reason people keep me on their monthly payrolls. That, and to wade patiently through complex tasks to keep their brains from exploding.

While I won’t be doing the things for you directly, I will help you sort out what and how to best do it to get you where you wanna go as fast as possible.

And, I’ll virtually shoulder check you to make sure you actually do it too. 

Instead of thinking about this like you get to delegate what you hate, frame it more like learning to think and act strategically and with less distractions operationally (so the managing part sucks less).

Never fear, grasshopper. It’s kinda my Sixth Sense sniffing out the issues that got you reaching for tissues.

Your gut’s telling you something’s wrong, and it stinks. Tap me in because my gut’s unplugged from the Matrix and knows how to escape the Sentinels dead set on destroying your infrastructure.

Welp, that kinda depends on where you’re at and what I’ve got going on over in my “retainer” schedule.

I limit myself to part-time “perfect fit” retainers only, especially as I’m building my own brand assets. 

That said, if your budget can bear it but your brain just can’t, tap on over here to see if I’ve got any openings on my “Systems Adulting” calendar to chat more about it.

Due to the nature of this gig, with live coaching and template sharing components, there is no refund available…

I’m here for you if you’re ready to commit a little time and effort to design your business to work for you.

Which means asking for help when you hit a wall. Shame-free, guiltless, pleasurable biz ops and UX strategy when you need it at a ridiculously low cost. (Seriously – you’ll pay less for my guidance each month than a part time VA!)

I legit don’t want this to be another shiny object, distraction, or an investment you feel ashamed about gathering digital dust because you choose not to use it.

With that in mind, if the way you’ve been doing (or been preached to about) ops and organization before has overwhelmed you and you feel a pull to simplify running your online biz with a little expert help behind the scenes, I’m your girl.

Let me have it – over in my inbox, m’kay? Zap it over to hey@luxuxme.com for an A you can’t refuse. (Or did I mean refute?)

Just one last question for you if managing your online business drives you to digital distraction…

Is it worth zapping what’s left of your mental energy to solve this backend burnout puzzle yourself?

Or, would you rather…

Set up simple systems that don’t explode your grey matter and allow you to own your business instead of it owning you?