When Your To-Do List is So Extra You Need to go full Ghost to GSD

Get a Fun as F*ck Way to Fly Through it Faster


A quick fix in my binge-able mini-series for Chief “Everything” Officers ready to manage the melodrama and obliterate the overwhelm around the task-y sh*t they’re strapped with but don’t wanna or can’t truly outsource just yet…

She's fun. And anyone that can make this fun, that's a huge feat in and of itself.

In addition to actually taking care of the things that I desperately needed taken care of, Patty educated me in the process. So I feel like a little less of a tech dummy. She never just did it. She always kind of brought me through the process with her.”
Leadership Coach

Bae, I Need To Get Some of This Sh*t Handled Before I Lose My F*cking Mind!

Strong start and shame spiral finish much? Yeah, me too!

Because shiny things and sparkly people pull at you from every direction, non-stop.

And, “No.”

I’m guessing you have a hard time with that word being a complete sentence too. 

So when it’s “go time” on all that busy work you couldn’t refuse, your current vibe is: 

…Throwing so much shade on running your own show, you wonder why you ever chose this hell-on-earth, to-do torture pit in the first damn place!

Just Think If You Could Find a Dope AF Way to Handle That Noise and Dopa-Flood Your Brain At the same time

Like, make the whole daily do’s drama damn near disappear…

And actually do what needs doing so you can do what you’d rather be doing instead before spinning all the way out. 

A “stupid simple” micro-method to try on for size when you’re in “f*ck this” mode so you can:

You in?

Grab Your Joystick and Cop a Squat, Because It's Game Time BB!



A DIY Mini Method to Take you from To-Do Task Torture to Deliriously Done
Without the Fawn-Fight-Freeze Response Cycle

How This Works:

Yeah, I said it. Now a little louder for the people in the back…

Committing to “all the things” mimics the trauma response known as fawning. People pleasers, I see you. 

Grossly underqualified to tell you what sparked yours, but I can definately say it’s a common thread for ND entrepreneurs.

And our brains? The dopa-dumps we get take us from fawn to freeze, to fight and back again fast AF!

Breaking that cycle? It’s all about the interrupt. Here’s mine:

The Goods:

And, because I know a shiny new “method” is only worth it if you can get through the “pit of despair” if it gobbles you up on your way to “got it done” domination, here’s the extras:

When You're Done, Expect to Walk Away Knowing…

“One of the things I love about working with Patty is that she understands online business from a high level down to the small tactical level. And when there’s a project I need done, I can count on her to deliver exactly what I need without having to micromanage and get down in the weeds. I know that whatever she delivers, she delivers on time with high quality, and it goes beyond expectations.”
Business Strategist

Why Teach Chaos Control When I Can Do It For You Instead?

Here’s the short version…

I’m Patty Woods, luxury business ops architect and OBM to the internet-famous.

Every day I choose to hang at my desk, I help 6- and 7-figure solo-ish-preneur coaches and creatives craft bang-on backend business ops solutions. 

The party in the front, business in the back kind, but with a “backend” that’s more mullet than flat top…

Fun-ified simple set-ups, custom crafted to suit their shiny object-seeking, organization-phobic, tech-terrified brains.  

Which is exactly how they learn to go from overwhelmed, perfection-loving, people-pleasing burnout to a prosperous, pleasure-filled, mission-delivering badass in love with the work they’re here to do.  

Because processes, systems, to-do lists, and managing anything more than what lights them up feels like hell on earth and “I just don’t wanna” won’t give their clients all the good feels they want to deliver.

That’s how it felt for me managing my own service based biz too, even though I was damn good at bringing the fun to functional for everyone else. Turns out, I’m just as shiny-brained as they are and didn’t even know it, until 14 years into my career as a chief controller of chaos!

And, that WTF moment got me analyzing my approach to the BTS builds I so joyfully crafted for others but avoided like the plague for myself. 

My intuitive way of firehose drinking in solutions, swiping left on the duds, then squishing them into the quickest, “get this thing I hate the f*ck off my plate” in the easiest way possible worked for everyone else. Why not me?

So I figured it was about time for me to try it on for myself. (And, ya know, document it in the process…)

Now, since I realize it’s the 4-part dopa-seeking magic that keeps me and my retainer clients from “burning it all down”, it’s so worth sharing. Since 1:1 for everyone who needs it is a no go, this is how I do it instead. 

For ANY entrepreneur who battles brain chemistry or shame spirals their fast starts and slow (or non-existent) finishes, this might be just the momentum you need to get you crushing on your big *ss mission again, without your epic vision burning you out. 

Gaming Over Ghosting, For Really Real?
Let's F*cking Go!

So, You’ve Got Q’s for Me First? Here’s My A’s…

If you can hit the play button on YouTube, and click a link to open, copy, and fill in a couple spots in a Google Doc, you are good to go! 

As long as you promise you’ll…

  • Watch the video (or view the slides and read the transcript if your brain processes things better that way) 
  • Do the “quickie” fill-in to personalize your game board for your current projects in progress
  • Decide to show up and try it for at least a couple of weeks

You will knock more task-y shit off your list, and enjoy the dopa-dumps in the process. Added bonus power-up feels if you join me for a Vox-ability Buddy sprint week.

Never fear, dah-ling. As a neurodivergent solo-ish-preneur myself, EVERYTHING feels like too much sometimes. My “shiny” object stopping, rabbit hole hop-overing Vox-ability Buddy GSD option available on the checkout page has gotcha covered.

Strong starters with a mean case of “finish what?” f*ck-its love having me tap in for vox dailies to move the motivation meter up a notch. And to help reframe the head trash that loves to live rent free in their heads…

Opt for this sexy number to pack an ops firecracker in your pocket who’ll ‘splode you through trying this micro-method on for size for one week.

But of course you’ve got options! 

If your budget can bear it but your brain just can’t, tap on over here to check out my Concierge Collection to see what I can do for you instead.

Let me have it – over in my inbox, m’kay? Zap it over to hey@luxuxme.com for an A you can’t refuse. (Or did I mean refute?)

Just one last question if Your Magic wand won't gSD For You?

Does the shame spiral that’s got you trapped ever allow you to feel good about any of the things you do?

Or, would you rather…

Try a “get your game on” micro-method to celebrate and motivate you into momentum instead?