All of a sudden out of nowhere, we saw a ridiculous plunge in our open rates. There was a 10% drop basically overnight, and we could not figure it out. We thought it was a fluke. I was seriously on the verge of quitting my entire email list because I was so worn out and frustrated.

And I just never feel like those tech tools are on your side when they go against you. Thank God for Patty! She was able to jump in, mess around, and really do some digging. It took us a minute to figure out exactly what was wrong, but she found it. And I’m so happy to report we are back up to regular open rates if not higher because presently we’re out of the promo tab. 

But what is so magical about that is I was able to send out the very next email and we booked between 20 and 30K immediately, so I feel reconnected to my list again. 

So really, really, really, I cannot recommend working with Patty highly enough. She’s a wonderful person. She’s so funny. She operates from such a wonderful place of, as one of my clients would put it, radical care, and she’s just a pure delight. She’s really been trained in how to fix this situation that’s driving so many entrepreneurs bananas right now. So honored to be working with her. So thrilled to know her. You get a chance to work with Patty, do it!”